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Hi!  I'm Elizabeth, the very busy mom of 10 children -- 6 sons and 4 daughters.  The oldest of the bunch is 29 and my "baby" is 10.  (Somehow they grew up when I wasn't looking!) 

I've been homeschooling since 1990, and I'm on the downward slide with just three children still learning at home!  :)  Five of my children have graduated from our homeschool, while two graduated from Christian school, which they transferred to during their high school years. At this time, I have three college graduates, a daughter in grad school, a son in college, and a son in tech school! 

Of those out in the working world, I have young adults working in several different realms, including an RN in a hospital, a Patient Care Coordinator at a pediatrician's office, an Aquatics Director at the YMCA, a high school basketball coach, a a full-time nanny, an employee at a furniture store, and a stock boy at a grocery store!  :) 

I have been happily married since 1983 to my wonderful husband, Alan, whom I have followed all over the states of South Carolina and Georgia these past 31 (almost 32) years!  :)  We are currently enjoying the delights of coastal living, while learning to deal with the challenges (sand gnats!).

I enjoy blogging about my slightly crazy family and our busy lives, from the mundane to the momentous!  Believe me, there is always something going on around my house, and I try to capture some of it and share it here.  You can read weekly updates about my family and see pictures of our home by stopping by My Front Porch on Fridays, where you are sure to find a friendly, Southern welcome!  

With a crew this size, I do a lot of cooking!  Fortunately, I enjoy trying new recipes and many of them find their way onto my blog.  I like to nourish my family and protect their health, so I enjoy studying health and nutrition, and may blog about what I learn from time to time.  

My passion is to live my life in such a way as to please my Lord and Savior, to be an invaluable help meet to my husband, to lovingly train and educate my children, to create an inviting home for my family and friends, and to encourage other women in these areas as well.  My calling is to live out the verses outlining biblical womanhood found in Titus 2:3-5, and to encourage other women to find joy in that high calling, as well.  I have a burden to encourage godly marriage, which I do by blogging about marriage every Monday and hosting a link up where other bloggers can share their posts on marriage, as well.  You can find my Marriage Monday posts here. 

I hope you will enjoy your visit here.  I love feedback, and welcome your comments, even dissenting opinions, as long as they are respectfully presented.  You may also email me at Elizabeth@yestheyareallours.com with your questions and comments.  I regret that I don't have time to answer every letter personally, but I answer as many as I possibly can, and I may use your question as the basis for a future blog post.  Also, I'd love for you to connect with me everyday on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest!

Want to see my family?  

Here is a picture of all twelve of us, plus my first daughter gained through marriage - Kristi.  This was taken in May 2012 at Josh and Kristi's wedding.

This is one of our family's trademark poses -- the group hug!  ;)

Here is my favorite picture of all the kids.  And just in case you are wondering -- "Yes, they're all Ours!!"  ;)

Thanks for stopping by and letting me introduce myself and my family!  I'd be honored if you would share my blog with your friends.  If you have a blog, please consider adding my blog button to your side bar.



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